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Morning Time

I was working on the shift and my official time ended at 4 AM, but I was working on some pending work, then I logged out and keep the office laptop in a bag, then went out for a walk. After return back to an hour, then I checked the crypto market on TradingView for 5 to 10 minutes then go to sleep.

I woke up back at 10 AM. After wake up, I got fresh up and then had a morning tea with breakfast hot chapatis(Indian Roti).

Then I started the computer and accessed Steemit, Indian Crypto exchanges WazirX, BuyUcoin, and TradingView, then monitoring the crypto market.

Afternoon Time

I was active on Steemit and checking others' diary posts, achievements tasks, and introduction tasks in the newcomer community. I am checking notifications as currently I am receiving notifications regarding homework tasks not curated.

Then I go for lunch and having it with watching daily shows on television. After lunch, I was monitoring and crypto market on TradingView, I saw that the BTT keeps moving on its a bullish trend.

BTT Chart On TradingView.

I was continually monitoring the crypto market, also checking the Indian Stock market and my holding, I see my holding are almost flat now in the Indian Stock market, after watching markets then I go to sleep.

Evening Time

I woke up at 7 PM, first I opened the office laptop and logged into the official portal because office time started and I was late now, then open official outlook, till emails are downloading I went into the kitchen and had evening tea with snacks.

After tea, I see no more emails in a handover and also no pending emails, so I was active on Steemit and checking notifications. I was also monitoring the crypto market on TradingView and keep checking my portfolio on WazirX, the BTT, and Wink moving well, BTT gave a lot in this week, holding for more.

At 10.30 PM I go for dinner, and after dinner, I resumed to my office wor, now I will be working til next early morning the day ended for me here.

Thank You.


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