THE DIARY GAME | Better Life With Steem: DATE (30-03-2021) | The Last Summary 7 Post In Season One Of Steemit Crypto Academy


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Morning Time

After celebrating Dhulivandan and completing the office night shift I was feeling tired, so I got to sleep the early morning after official time ended at 4.15 AM.

My legs are paining, and suddenly at 9 AM they are paining so much as accidentally I moved my legs while I was in sleeping mode and then the pain started, so I was not able to sleep more, better I woke up and got fresh up. Then I had morning tea.

Then I started the computer and accessed Steemit, Indian Crypto exchanges WazirX, BuyUcoin, and TradingView.

I was monitoring the Crypto market and Indian Stock Market.

Afternoon Time

While monitoring the crypto and Indian stock market, I see that the Indian stock market is still a bearish trend but my holding looks coming up again, so will be holding for more.

I was also checking Steemit notifications and verifying all tasks 7, I also give my view through the comment. After some time all tasks have been reviewed, after that, I go for lunch.

After lunch, I started to work on the Summary 7 post, I completed the Summary post but pending a small, but I was feeling sleepy.

Then monitoring the crypto market for some time and then I go to sleep.

Evening Time

I woke up at 6.45 PM, then I had an evening tea. My office time started so I logged into the office laptop and official portal. I was checking first office outlook emails but did not found any new and pending emails.

Then I was continually working on the Summary 7 post and after completed, I have published my Summary 7 post.

After some time we have a scheduled call on Microsoft Teams, so joined the call and completed it in 30 minutes, then I had tea again and checking Steemit notifications.

Around 10.30 PM I go for dinner and had it, after dinner I resumed my office work, the day ended for me here, but as I am on night shift so I will now continue work till the next early morning.

Thank You.


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