Funny: Tiny Dog's ShoeHat!

5개월 전


Are you a Dog or Cat lover? It doesn't really matter, once you have anyone one of them and they become part of the family, you will definitely love them. Although, i think Dogs are more awesome, than Cats. As man's best friend, dogs will always steal the show for me. Can't say for you, but this isn't a poll about cats and dogs, its a humor blog about this funny cute tiny dog.

The kind of enmity or friendship between dogs and shoes isn't explainable, just like Cats and knitted rolls, dogs have damaged more shoes than age and time wears them out. So before pinkie chews this flipflop out, let's make it fit as a hat. Maybe that's what pinkie owner was thinking, or I just picked up an imaginary name for the dog with the Shoehat which seems too embarrassed for wearing the flipflop on her head.

I had owned just three dogs while growing up, not personally but as a family pet. Each with a unique affection for hiding shoes and chewing them, and I believe they ain't just alone in this criminal act, dogs around the world are guilty of this.

Maybe its in their DNA to prey on shoes and maybe cats and squirrels, but before pinkie chew this rubber flipflop out, let's fit it in on her head!

Have a good Laugh my friends!

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