Exclusive: Gitcoin and Polkadot Cooperate to Bring New Developers to Blockchain


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partnership announced on Tuesday between the Gitcoin project and Polkadot will help the interoperable blockchain platform's developers find community support and funding.

Gitcoin's current function can be considered as an experiment in a new way of funding public goods based on the concept of "Capital-constrained Liberal Radicalism," or CLR,  championed by Ethereum's co-founder Vitalik Buterin. This works through Gitcoin Grants, a hybrid public funding mechanism that relies both on community contributions and wealthy donors.

CLR is similar to the concept of matching donations, but they are not backed one-to-one. Instead, a quadratic funding system changes the weight of each individual donor. As Scott Moore, the developer relations lead for Gitcoin, explained to Cointelegraph, the matching changes based on how many people have participated. 

According to his simplified example, if two people donated $4 each, the system would match them for $16. On the other hand, if eight people donated $1, the matching would be $64 dollars.

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