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Hyon Kuk Hae, a doctor of Gynecological Department No. 3 of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, frequently gets phonecalls of gratitude from many women.

Among them is Han Ok Gyong, farmer of a cooperative farm in Tongnim County, North Phyongan Province.

Han was brought to the hospital in emergency in March this year.

Hers was a rare disease, so it was not easy to treat it.

Worse still, she was nearly unconscious with frequent bleeding. She was in a critical condition.

But Hyon Kuk Hae saved her life by successfully conducting several rounds of surgery including two major operations.

After operations, he devoted his sincerity to recover the health of the patient while taking specific measures according to her physical condition.

He also helped a woman, a special-class disabled soldier, have an easy delivery of her son, and cured a woman from Kanggye City of her 40-year-long congenital disease.

He has recently brought scores of patients back to health by introducing advanced remedies.

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