From hero to zero: Robinhood trading app flooded with THOUSANDS of one-star reviews after delisting GameStop stock

9개월 전


The Robinhood trading app has received more than 100,000 one-star reviews on Google Play in the hours after delisting GameStop, AMC, Nokia and Blackberry stock that had earlier prompted its record downloads.

Robinhood's almost perfect rating crumbled to just a single star on Thursday as betrayed users hurried to exact their revenge on the company that suddenly found itself labeled "the biggest fraud of them all."

The move was costly for the app – named after a fictional medieval robber, who took from the rich and gave to the poor – as it seemed to be on top of its game just a few hours earlier.

Esports and gaming consultant Rod Breslau noted that Robinhood was hit with more than 100,00 one-star votes in just the hour after it delisted the stocks.

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