CORONAVIRUS Rapid COVID tests are already a reality in Miami, but the results must be verified

3개월 전

Miami local authorities are already conducting rapid tests to detect if a person is infected with the corona virus, but it remains to be seen if they are effective, in July Miami suffered the largest outbreak of Covid 19, state officials carried out at the sites of Miami -The Dade County screening tests a series of rapid diagnoses that were made only on people who showed symptoms of being infected with the virus.

A week ago the test of rapid tests began in the Jackson health system, which is a network of hospitals in the county, hoping that with this new model the examination will be more precise, the Hard Rock Stadium, in Miami Gardens, and Marlins Park, In Little Havana, they are the only places in the state to perform this type of testing, a different brand than the one used by Jackson, with plans to add more antigen testing sites in Broward and Palm Beach counties in the near future.

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