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Opinion: To save our lives, we have had to sacrifice our economic heart. What we will get out of this crisis is a new system of beliefs around finance, says ConsenSys's fintech co-head Lex Sokolin.

First, we have the individual. Individuals produce and consume. Most produce, that is, add to GDP, as employees of companies. They consume largely based on income and wealth levels. Let's do a quick back-of-the-envelope. Of the 330 million people in the US, 160 million people are in the labor force. There are 8 million households with children under the age of 3, another 10 million households with children under the age of 5, 15 million under the age of 11, and another 15 under the age of 17 (source). So that's about 45 million households who are now at home with kids, and I'll just assume that 1 parent in the household is no longer able to work.

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