This year should have been huge for phones. Now Samsung, Apple are at a crossroads - CNET

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The spread of coronavirus around the globe has brought the mobile industry sputtering to a near halt, just as it began revving up for a potentially blockbuster season. From my stance as a CNET phone reviewer, the need to scale back is crushing but necessary given COVID-19's serious nature. But while the industry scrambles to plan its next steps, there's one thing brands can do: Grasp at the opportunity to refocus their portfolios, designs and campaigns on features that matter.

This was the year 5G-ready devices were meant to go mainstream and foldable phones were going to prove their right to exist. 2020 would belong to top-tier handsets adopting groundbreaking features for photography and 8K video recording, we thought. But then COVID-19 hit and the dominoes toppled, taking out enormous events like Mobile World Congress and Google I/O along the way. Others, like Apple's WWDC, are moving online.

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