FOX News Defends Trump's COVID-19 Response And Pushes For U.S. To Reopen

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For a world leader calling for civil war, unprecedented, unheard of , where is Congress while all of this is going on. The Patriot, radio show doing the same thing. The host said his listeners only know the first and second amendment. A caller told the host, if he needed to stay inside for a year he would do it. Actually ,he said it a few times, until the host using his language skills practicly got him ready for the civil war. Shame on them! Trying to belittle the leadership hard work and dedication this State leaders have shown. Shame on them. This is what this is all about. Burn the governors, switch the attention to those who took action after calling the desease a hoax. Even a child knows right from wrong, Fox goes as far as saying there were not many deaths. How many more deaths should there have been to satisfy them. I guess we're like Venezuela , not any better. Shame! Shame! Shame!

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