What being a musician means to me

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Good evening Hive! This is Brandon again aka The Mixed Hippie reaching out today with a brief little write-up into a bit more about my personal jive with music.

For those who haven't had a chance to meet me yet, I recently created a short and sweet intro post on here yesterday I believe as well as link a new song I released. In it, I briefly went over how and when I got into music, kind of why I started taking it seriously, and where I am planning on heading with it as the year progresses.

I must admit, I am no writer. So please, read this as if I were speaking and just let me speak freely! I am going to wing this!

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In this particular post, as part of my own self-reflection and again another more intimate look into who I personally am, I am going to discuss what music truly means to me and why I pursue it in the way that I do. But before I do that, I want to quickly thank anyone who's made it this far into this post already. I am trying to do my best with getting on here more and actually creating some cool content because I really do love the interactions I have been getting. It feels quite different than let's say, Instagram! Something about the blockchain just feels a bit more AH!

Anyway, let's get to it!

So, as the year comes to a close we tend to do a bit more reflecting on what's come to pass. This year in particular I really did have to take a back seat approach with music. My personal life, work-life, and art career really did add some complexities to the mix. Oh, and did I mention I had my first son this year. Oh, yea, and there there was COVID. Oh, how easy it is to forget the time we are currently living in.

Anyway, this year I really only put out a few NEW songs and mainly finally put out older ones. I ended up getting a new guitar which I've wanted for years upon years it seems but took what felt like an eternity to get. I did this in hopes of rekindling my relationship with utilizing the guitar in my tracks. Something about added reverberated delayed guitar to my music just puts a smile on my soul.


Look at that beauty!

I really need to get to the point of what music means for me now. With everything going on, music is and always has been what I think will be a saving grace for many. Not just those who make, or those who listen, but those who have to interact with those who do. I think as more time goes on, the type of music people will listen to will continue to change and evolve and I believe more instrumental music will take off. The reason being, we are becoming more reflective. Many are also having more time on their hand.

I have always created music to get something off my chest. And I know that's why a lot of people listen to all types in general. As I get older I realize how "hard" life can actually be but also how hard we are making that ourselves. My ability and desire to make music I feel must be a calling of some sort but I do not nearly do it enough. Why? I wish I had a better answer. All I can say is, with each day now seeming more and more "wild" and unpredictable, I fully intend to create WAY more in the next year. Building an asset catalog and also simply just messaging on here and TELLING people I made a new song or showing them, this is the simple stuff that actually means a lot. One post, one song, on a message can change someone's life.

I hope to use my time to continue to channel sounds and put them creatively together so I can hope someone gets through their day and if all is well even inspire them to create personally.

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thanks for sharing this! always follow your heart!