How to use your Dance tokens (DT)

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Dear dance lovers

You can get an account upgrade on for only 250,000,000 DT.
Just send the above amount to @donwhale via and in the memo add "Account upgrade on". When you join, just mention that you have upgraded your account with Dance tokens.
Just start creating posts on homepage if you are already a member and you have upgraded your account.

You can donate your tokens if you wish to support the dance contest by sending some of your Dance tokens via to @donatello and add "Supporting the dance contest" as a memo. Please also send me a message in that case. Consider that the prize pool for the dance contest is 100,000,000 DT.

You could start to accept Dance tokens for your group dance classes if you are a dance teacher. Please feel to promote your dance classes on I suggest that you use public venues when you run group dance classes.

Dance and music projects:

Dance contest week 127,

Sing and play week 69,

Dance and have fun week 72,

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