We are here to support you but help us to support you

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Dear members of this community

It doesn't matter who is managing this account. The purpose of this account is to deliver prizes. You could do the same and create an account that delivers prizes. We'll need more accounts like this one. We also need sponsors and contributors.

We like to support every dance and music lover within this community. If you have heard that the Dance token does not have a market value, that's not true. The Dance Token supports the members of this community and as long as https://steem-engine.net exists so the dance token.

@Donatello has been giving away an average of 500 STEEM a month in prizes for the last several months.

This community has many active members. If only 100 of them gave 5 STEEM each a month towards the prize pool, the amount reached would be 500 STEEM

Whatever you give towards the prize pool, you will receive back more than that in one way or another.

How to support:

Send 5 STEEM or whatever you can, to @danceandmusic and in the memo box type " Prize pool for March - April".

Alternatively, you can buy only some Dance Tokens for 5 STEEM on https://steem-engine.net/?p=market&t=DT.

We are dance and music lovers and if the system doesn't like us here, we go somewhere else.

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