Sharing Our Tango Fails with you! ✨ You're in for a Dance, you're in for a Laugh!


✨ Dear Steemians, ✨

Maybe some of you flirted with the idea of learning Tango. That's what Alessandro and I are doing at the moment. It is so hilarious and we are improving at a veeeeeery slow pace. So today, I would like to share with you some of our failures whilst practicing at home. You're in for a good laugh.

Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 14.05.05.png

I should start a collection of tango fails. We have accumulated many over the years. In general, I truly like practicing whilst filming and then analyze what we are doing wrong. But I have the impression that Alessandro is turning into a showman once the camera is rolling. So there is no chance stay serious during the practice. Well, maybe that's also simply not necessary for advancing in tango. Before you watch this rehearsal.... please be aware, we are absolute beginners!

Also this take makes me laugh each time I see it. I don't know how this could happen. You should never end up on the shoulders of your partner when you're dancing tango. So we were clearly doing something fundamentally wrong here... still, it made us crack up.

I would be delighted to see your training fails. They are the most hillarious bit of learning anything new. But when it's dance, it really also has a comedic element to it. Maybe we will be brave enough to post some serious practice here in the future. I can already hear @petrahaller laughing about us.

Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 14.14.18.png

We wish you a fabulous weekend. Every day you don't dance, is a lost day. So, turn the music on and shake it off!

Elena & Ale

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This is the kind of post I like to read. I love the videos too.
Please create more posts here if you wish.
Hopefully, you will get more upvotes.

Feel free to take part in our fun dance contest whenever you like!


Haha, with pleasure. I thought it’s always fun to share the failures as well. These videos still make me laugh so much. I’m glad you enjoyed them!

I’ll surely share some more dance and choreography in the future! Maybe in cooperation with my friend @petrahaller.

Thanks for making me feel so welcome, @donatello !

I was only laughing when ale started laughing 😂 @elenahornfilm we should post the little thing we did in Wimbledon but I think I lost it


Yes! Didn't you film it with your computer? With photobooth or something?


yeah but its the computer that died a long time ago


No backup? Some half-melted hard drive in some corner of your house?

Jajajaja, que divertido


Haha, yes, we screwed up so badly!

I lovee failure videos! I have so many of my own jajajaj Thanks for sharing this!! I thinl I have some, I will try to upload during the week


Yeah!! Go ahead @amazona06...We are looking forward to that. We are a bit bored and need some epic fails!