Draw A Day September 4,5,6

3개월 전

Hello community,

Good day to you all before I go to bed I will be making this overdue post. I put the three prompts together so I can catch up and those are
Lazy afternoon
Cozy nook
Chit chat
I was looking for something to draw quickly because it is passed midnight here. I couldn't think of any aside from my favourite characters to draw the Pinky and Spiky gang. 😉

The lazy afternoon is represented by Betsy the butterfly and Dietrich the mouse sleeping by the corner. The whole scene is the cozy Nook where Pinky the perky piglet and Spiky the quirky hedgehog are having some snacks sitting on their favourite chairs. They are laughing having a nice chit chat which is the third prompt. See that was really quick because I had been drawing these characters for years now. Hope you like it. Thank you so much for your support and participation in this new community.


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