Is It Bird Poop?

3개월 전

Hello Pinky and Spiky fans,

Here is a comics that I made quickly few minutes ago hoping to catch up with the deadline. I guess that is how I work best , cramming. I must admit this theme for the week is quite difficult for me but here it is a last minute idea pop in my head. Spiky is teaching Pinky a lesson. That is how to spit the longest. He showed the trick and Pinky was impressed. However that slimy spit landed on a hooman standing by. Poor man thought it was bird poop. The duo noticed what they had done and so they run as fast as they could. Hope you like it.

This contest is brought to you by @organduo and @laputis. Kudos to you guys for sticking with the creative community and continuously providing activities like this one and the secrets of organ playing. More power to you both.

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