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The theme for this digital art that I made today is a bit challenging for me. The reason is the broadness of it I couldn't decide what to show. After a while I think that fireflies fit well with my idea. So I painted a picture of a huge tree surrounded by fireflies. Hope that is enchanting enough.

Let me show you some of the progress photos when I was making the drawing :

I started with the tree so I can pretty much plan how big and how much space it will take. I plan to put it in the middle. Here I am already giving depth to it as well as putting some highlights
I think I need to add more branches to the tree so I have enough space for the fireflies later. Just keep editing as this part you may overdo.
Aside from the fireflies, how else can I make this scene enchanting? Maybe a green flood of light similar to the northern lights will help.
Last is add the fireflies. Lots of them. I have to stop because I don't want to overdo it. If I think that I need more I will edit it later before submitting it to the Draw A Day Challenge.

If you would like to participate in this Draw A Day challenge here is a list of prompts good for 7 days. I love the nocturnal theme they fall under and I hope that I can complete the list. I hope to see yours too.

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gif courtesy of doze

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