Draw A Day September 12: Night Creatures

8개월 전


Hello Steemians,

This is the finished drawing I made today which I will be submitting later in the Draw A Day Challenge September 12. The challenge is to draw night creatures. I was just practicing but I already like what I had made but I might add a little detail later if I can. When I was thinking about the theme I thought that a bat would be a good choice to draw. A bat is a nocturnal creature that I love drawing. I gave him a cup of take out coffee for that caffeine fix he might need to keep him awake.

Since this is a practice drawing let me show the stages when I was doodling the bat:
At first the rough sketch does not look promising and I was thinking about revising it like choose another night creature
When those sleepy eyes were done I felt relieved. He looks kind of funny so I went on adding more lines
Time to add other interesting details like the coffee cup with steam to keep me motivated. I also finalised the green outfit and the rest of the lower limbs
Last detail is the roadside where he is standing. The shadow and the light gave the drawing some depth and further defined it into a night scene.

It was fun doodling this bat character indeed. If you would like to join in this challenge here is a list of prompts good for 7 days. I love the nocturnal theme they fall under and I hope that I can complete the list. I hope to see yours too.


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