The Fairy In A Hurry

7개월 전


Issue With The Tooth Fairy

Hello Pinky and Spiky fans,

This is my participation in the Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest by @organduo and @laputis. The theme this week is about anxiety. Spiky who loves eating would definitely feel anxious if a tooth fairy would come at night and snatch his tooth that is still in good shape and would not even leave a dime not even a crypto 🤣

Hope you enjoyed reading my post and like my story if it even makes sense LOL. This is my 9th drawing in a row when I took the 100 Days Of Drawing Challenge. Wish me luck to complete it. Thanks guys for your support as always.

If you like creating digital art, I encourage to take this 100 days journey and be surprised at the end you beefed up your portfolio with 100 art pieces

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