Fluffy Leaves , My Advent Drawing Challenge 2020 Entry

3개월 전

Hello Creative Community and Hive friends,

This is my interpretation of the prompt for Advent Drawing Challenge 2020 by @london65. The prompt for December 06 is Fluffy Leaves. This drawing is a little bit different from the ones that I used to create because I used texts as part of the art itself. Usually I would veer away from doing that as it limits the potential use of the art. It would not hurt if I change my style just a bit. Fluffy leaves in heaps that is my idea when I was making this drawing then added some fun details like those eyes peeping through the heap. It is up to you to think what happened in the picture. Hope you enjoyed reading.

If you think you are up for this challenge please give it a go and see the rest of the prompt on Draw A Day Community or simply support it with your likes and shares. Feel free to engage and show your appreciation of the art made by our fellow creatives. Thank you for stopping by.

If you would like to participate in this drawing challenge you may refer to this list of prompts below provided by @london65


Have a blessed season to you all.


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