The Rover

8개월 전

Hello guys, I saw a doodle drawing challenge and I thought that I would challenge my creativity and join.
This is the finished drawing I made for the said challenge. If you want to know more you may check @theithei
Here are some progress photos for you

This is the original shape or reference drawing provided by the challenge host, @theithei. It is up to the participants how to recreate it. The drawing looks like a chair I flipped it over and had the illustration below as my starting point .

I was thinking I could put two bright lights one on each end of the wider part of the drawing. It is looking like a hammerhead shark at this point. I also started playing with the texture. Some rough and stony surfaces.

Here I was doing my best to add some highlights on the rough surface to further give it a definition

This process required more time to finish because the stony texture has a lot of small nooks and crevices that need to be defined

After that what is next? I don't have a specific plan about the look of this drawing I just keep creating until something made sense and here the locomotive structures. I added a set of legs. Instead of rollers or rocket type legs I chose something that looks like sharp metallic stilts. I think these are right for what I had in mind, a robot that hops in space landing on planets and asteroids.

Now that it is clear how this thing moves I added the structure that looks like hair for aesthetic purpose only. These could be wires protruding from the other but I thought that I could make them more beautiful by adding colors and turning them into useful led lights.
The last part is adding the background. Finally I can say that this is now a space robot. I call it the Rover. It scans the galaxies, picks up signals and sends them to the main lab. That is it hope you like it

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