Customer Complaining

2개월 전


Hello Pinky and Spiky community,

This is my submission to the Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest of @organduo and @laputis. This week the theme is " help ". Some customers who are irate lose their calm often times and would immediately look for someone in the higher ranks to resolve their issue. Most if not all front line personnel are capable of handling simple customer complaints but Spiky demanded for a Supervisor right away without even telling his concern first. Betsy is willing to help and had been patient. It so happened that she is the owner of the store and Spiky got nothing else to do or complain about.

If you are into visual arts specifically drawing, this contest might be for you. Every skill level is welcome to the community so what are you waiting for? Grab those art materials and start creating. I can not wait to see your entries. Goodluck.

Thank you for your usual support, I really do appreciate it.



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