Fresh Pine

3개월 전

Fresh Pine Advent Drawing Challenge 2020.png

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. That made me jump in and participate in this drawing challenge. I used to host one last year and it was great fulfilment to see people making their drawings and collecting a bunch of their drawings that they can send as digital greeting cards to their friends.

When I saw this in the community I knew this would get me going busy and quite crazy and so I made this quick doodle just now hoping that I could catch up with the prompts provided by @london65 for the Advent Drawing Challenge. It was fun making this drawing using the 3D paint. I can create simple shapes that look better than a flat 2D model that I used to draw. Although I still love the 2D drawing style. One thing that I should hold off is using filters. I ruined it. I do not know how to take it back LOL. Here it is though my depiction of the fresh pine prompt.

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