DTIYS: Guardian Angel



Hello Steemit friends and creative community,

It was quite a long time when I last made a post here in this community. Miss the holiday posts and miss you all guys. Thanks to those who keep posting on our DTIYS community. Well, here is a new challenge that I made for you. This is a doodle I made in school few days ago. I miss my grandma who is no longer with us. There are times that I miss her and I feel really down and sad. We may be far from each other as she lives in another country but we maintain our communication on a regular basis when she was still alive. I did not grow up seeing her and I feel I missed a lot of years being with her I guess that is the main reason for my sadness. So I drew this angel on my free time in school. I made a grandma guardian angel kind of drawing to honor and remember her. This is a simple yet meaningful drawing for me. If you are up for the challenge why not draw this in your own style and show us what you got. If you can make it more meaningful the better. Hope to see your participation.

Thank you

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