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The Colorful Malkia Painting Is Worth A Thousand Words To Each Viewer. Let’s all make Africa a more great and peaceful continent for all! Thank you for watching and upvote!.

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I’m short of words for this painting. Such beauty and information on a single piece. mama #africa the queen of nature, mother of the dark ages, bringer of civilization, mother of a great culture, the woman of light, Africa at heart rips the profits of her mother’s womb. I love my continent, Africa ❤️
Thanks for the great Art ✨

Muy bonita pintura, exelentes colores.

Yes, images are worth a thousand words and your photo speaks a lot.

I wonder how long it took you to make this and what tools have you used?

BEAUTIFUL work. Art is language and it speaks.

Very amazing

Nice painting. I like it

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woow, this is real African

thanks for using steemegg.

sin palabras que belleza