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Hello friends, I hope you all are well and healthy. Stay in your home and be safe, enjoy your life.

Dumb cane plant

My photography today is about Dumb Cane Plant. It is a very good plant and it can easily thrive in light conditions. It doesn't require too much of Sunlight. It grows upto 6 feet tall. It is also very beneficial as it has a very easy growing nature. The beauty of the plant comes from the beautiful patterns on its leaves. Each plants feature leaves which are green in the corner and yellow in the middle. It creates spots on the leaf that are very good and enhances the beauty. It also produces buds which are good in length and colour. It could thrive in many soil conditions. And the normal home humidity is fine. This plant was in the park near my house and this was very beautiful and the green colour was shining in the Sun shade. I took the opportunity and took the photos. Which i am going to share with my friends. I wish that you'll be happy after seeing this.



I post on Steemit every day with a different kind of photography and new idea, and here I get to learn new things every day, it's a very happy day for me every day. I thank the Steemit community for giving us this platform.

Photos captured by@arvindkumar
Camera DeviceSamsung M31 Rear Camera 64MP
CategoryDumb cane plant photography
EditedCaptured one

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Hello friend, thanks for sharing this lovely plant with us.
I really love it and I appreciate you too..


Thank you so much

A very good flower, usually when mothers see this flower, they really like it to be displayed in front of their house. I think If this flower is displayed in front of the house or on the terrace of the house, it looks very beautiful.


Thanks bro

이것은 좋은 게시물입니다, 만나서 반가워요. 내 게시물과 상호 작용하십시오


Thanks a lot