A Question

2개월 전

What do I actually have to do to get my account boosted? I've come back to Steemit after a number of years away, and it seems less user-friendly and more difficult to get upvotes or even to get "payment" for them. It doesn't matter what I share, whether it be a throwaway piece of trivia, or an article I have written in a field I have some expertise in, most of the time I am lucky if I get onme single upvote, and sometimes, if I am extremely lucky some big fish will give me an upvote and I'll score 11c or 33c or something.

Meantime, a "whale" can post the most fatuous or irrelevant thing and score a shedload of votes and a payment amounting to close to $100.

What gives?

Why is this platform designed to reward some and completely ignore others? Why does it reflect the old paradigm, where a few people get to be winners and everyone else is a loser? Why is it not more democratic, more inclusive, more egalitarian?

I had hoped for so much more from Steemit.

Can someone persuade me that it is worth continuing to make an effort? Can someone guide me, in simple lay terms, how I can actually boost my account, without pointing me to a Steemit page that is full of jargon I just cannot get my head around? Can the developers at Steemit not just m ake it more user-friendly? It is so full of potential, as an alternative to and antidote to Facebook, and yet... it just isn't! And that is because people like me can't make head nor tail of it

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