Flies on the leaves

10개월 전

Hello all steemit friends, today I want to share a picture of a fly that I found behind my house, and this is my first post in the account booster community. My thanks go to @tuabtamala for directing me here and my thanks to @seo-boss who has built this community.



Flies are a type of insect from the order Diptera (derived from the language di means two and ptera means wings). The most obvious difference between flies and other insect orders is that they have a pair of wings and a pair of dumbbells, which originate from the hind wings, on the metathorax (except for some fly species which are flightless). The only or any other insect that has two wings that actually function and has dumbbells is the Strepsiptera. However, unlike flies, Strepsitera's dumbbells are in the mesothorax and wings in the metathorax.Wikipedia

CameraSamsung A20 S
Taken By@eternal-light
LocationLhokseumawe, Aceh


Best Regards, @eternal-light

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