CONTEST: Why I joined Account Booster by @frankie14

12일 전

Warm greetings

This is my entry to the contest hosted by @abdul0011 on the reason why I joined Account Booster.

Well, my reason is quite simple. As a newbie on Steemit we can all agree that’s it’s quite difficult to make a name for oneself and succeed. Then I stumbled on this community called “Account Booster” and it felt like I had found a gold mine.
I felt I had stumbled upon the secret to succeeding on the platform. I also thought it was going to be a walk in the park.

Now, having been here for a couple months, I’ve realized that there is no success that comes easy and you must put in hardwork to achieve the things you want. But this community in peculiar because of the support it gives its members. There’s an underlying sense of togetherness and give-and-take. So I came for quick fix but stayed for the delayed gratification.

Still on the road to success but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made.


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