United We stand but divided we fall

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Unity is the strength we need to advance together as a community. With unity, we comple each other wickness and build a strong force to overcome the obstacles on our way. Let's stand together, let's move on together, grow together and complete each other in unity. United we will stand, defeat and prevail.
Helloooooo guys , I hope you are doing great. Today I've come up with another paper snow flake expressing the unity we need in other to do great things on this platform .Come on guys grasp your paper pencil and scissors lets do this beautiful design together,

step1: Take an A4 paper, scissors, pencil and colors of your choice
step2: Fold down the top left corner of the paper and make a triangle, please do not worry about the excess yet.
step3: Fold the right top corner down. making a triangle again
step 4: Cut off the excess
step5: Fold the right top side of the triangle again making another triangle
step6: Follow the same sketch bellow and draw
step7: Follow the line and cut as in the image
step8: Unfold the image and finally you get your paper snow flake
step9: You can use the color of your choice to design at you test.
the end of it all

This is the end of the hold process. Hope you enjoyed following me trough the craft work.I will be happy if you share with others.


Thanks for showing a concern to my post.
Always be happy and stay bless
Much love from this end
yours Faithful @joelmak.

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wooow thanks so much mme for the information


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