Sunrise Photography

6개월 전

The sun usually rises at 5.50-6.00 o'clock, but in the location I could not see the sun at the early rising because the location was not high. Finally, the Sun appeared at 7.00 o’clock. If it had not been a foggy day, the sun would have looked yellow. This morning was foggy, so the sun looked orange.

The sun began to show off. The leaves of the teakwood covered the light. The fog covered the heat of the sunlight, so the color became orange.


I moved to another position to get a different angle. The sun rising only took about five minutes. I moved here and there to get the best shots. This was the sun that appeared covered by the bamboo trees.

It was going to make the earth lighter. The sun never breaks a promise. He always rises in the morning and illuminates the earth. In the twilight, he would drown and put the world into a deep sleep.

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Nature is beautiful .
Thanks for sharing.