How does our perception of events affect our understanding of what we read?


A group of people playing cards in a basement smoke cigarettes heavily before the sound of their loud laughter interrupts the police storming the door and arresting them.
Once you read this phrase, you may have an image in your mind. We know what the secret bunker looks like, and we know how the raids and battles take place during the police intervention, and we may even be aware of the case of a person who suffocated from the smell of thick cigarettes.

This is in fact what happens when we read, we do not read books just to look at empty words, but rather we read them to imagine the way in which these words can become accidents, lives and real experiences!

Ella Birthoud, author and expert on the impact of reading literary works, says, "You see the picture ready when you watch a movie or TV show, while the novel makes you create the scenes yourself, so it is more effective, because you participate in it."

But is everyone able to form these images? I remember in a session to discuss a book that the workshop leader asked us to leave our impression on on a white paper about the shape of a character as described in the novel, we found that each of us portrayed it completely differently from the other. A person has not imagined anything! He said that he does not know how to portray the character in his mind, because it is a moral thing and not real for him.

I knew at the time that the matter happens differently from one person to another, just because you see an image in your mind does not mean at all that the other person sees themselves and there are those who do not see it at all, and most often the reason is that they have a state of aphantasia, a mental state characterized by the inability to imagine mental images Voluntarily in any form.

And my curiosity still exists to ask you, according to your imagination, how did you see the scene that I mentioned in the beginning and how your imagination affects the process of your understanding and your interaction with what you read?

Your opinion on this matters to you guys

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