//An album of five random photos//

2개월 전

Hello friends,
Today I will introduce to you some of the photography I have taken. I am not very good at photography. But I always try to take good photos. Hope you like it very much.


Device : Realme 7
What's 3 Word Location :https://w3w.co/unpolluted.livers.huddling

When the sky is decorated with its own decorations, the sky has a blue color. The reflection of sunlight in the blue sky is very touching. It is very nice to see the sky from the roof.


Device : Realme 7
What's 3 Word Location :https://w3w.co/kindest.townsfolk.snare

Even if the sun is not visible in the morning, the position of the sun can be reviewed. In the morning, during the sunrise, the atmosphere is diffused with soft sunlight. The morning sun is very sweet and we all like to enjoy it.


Device : Realme 7
What's 3 Word Location :https://w3w.co/borders.stuntman.hatter

When the blue sky approaches it seems like a cluster of clouds resides on the other side of the trees. At this time the view of nature is amazing. In the picture a cow is feeding on the green grass in the background.


Device : Realme 7
What's 3 Word Location :https://w3w.co/parachuted.affinity.magistrate

Scenes of paddy fields and green paddy fields criss-crossed by electric poles.


Device : Realme 7
What's 3 Word Location :https://w3w.co/bonding.hassles.misstep

The view inside the Kushtia DC Court Park is breathtakingly beautiful. Pictured are beautiful trees bordering a pond and a photographic view of the court building.

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