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Hello friends,
Photography is my hobby. You can say that I do photography mostly as a hobby. But whenever I do photography I try to photograph something good. Today's photographs are photographs of different types of flowers around my yard. Almost all of us love flowers. Because flowers are a symbol of love, that's why everyone has an emotion on flowers.


Device : Redmi 10 prime.
What's 3 Word Location :https://w3w.co/bilinguals.bluff.paradoxes

I do not remember the name of this flower. The flower looks a bit like a rose flower. In love with the color of the flower, I captured the scene later.



Device : Redmi 10 prime.
What's 3 Word Location :https://w3w.co/bilinguals.bluff.paradoxes

It is difficult to find people who do not know this flower. Rakt Gada and Yellow Gada flowers are most commonly used on 21st February. The most readily available flowers are the blood and yellow pile flowers.

Camera usedRedmi 10 prime.

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Nice flowers, thanks for sharing this photos.