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Hello friends,

There are very few people who do not love nature. The love of nature keeps memories in the mind. And people go far and wide to enjoy this nature. The people of Khawar village can easily feel the nature up close. And the people of the village live by embracing this nature. I like to stay in a rural environment for him. I love the nature of the village.



The village is the name of an infinite beauty of nature. If you don't see the village, you will not understand that the creation of Bidhata is so beautiful. The green nature of the village, the winding path, the ceremonies on the paddy fields are always captivating to the nature lovers.



In todays society, those who have established themselves as talented people have started from the village. Because of this people love the village so much and through their writing they have taken many beautiful photos of the village.



The beauty of the village surrounded by shades of green fascinates us. The huge field of greenery in the village catches the eye. The beauty of the village can never be found in the bricks of the city. That's why the people of the city rush to his village after a while.



The village is not only full of beauty, everything in the village is beautiful.The people of the village spend every moment beautifully. Different types of festivals are celebrated in the village in different seasons. Due to which the beauty of the village increases. Which is why when the people of the city get a little time, they rush to the village to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Camera usedRedmi 10 prime.

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