Sparrow and a Violin Song // original art and a story behind it //

10개월 전

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to share with you one of my very old paintings.
I painted it in Spring 2010.

Prabaka i deda.jpg

Sparrow and a Violin Song, watercolor painting

My grandfather from my father's side was a self-taught musician. He knew how to play so many instruments, but my favorite one that he played was always his violin. I still love this instrument so much.

My great-grandmother, my grandfather's mother also loved to hear him play. Any instrument, it doesn't matter, as long as he was playing she would sway or sing along or clap her hands.

I carry in me this deep connection with music that they had, with art in general as my grandfather loved to draw a lot, landscape mostly.

They both died the same year. She dies at the beginning of 2009 and he died at the end of the same year.

This is the painting I did for them. He is a violin and she is this cute little singing bird and together they are making such beautiful music.

I know they are together still, singing and playing in some other realms 💜
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