"A Struggle for Sustenance"

2개월 전


Hop into chances that matter,
Hop into a chance that ascents,
Hop into beginnings that shift,
Hop into stories that are huge.

Nothing knows it plainly,
Yet, yourself, if you're prepared right now,
Yet, your hearts want, if you're prepared to be entirety,
Yet, your brain's strength, if you're fit to be broken once more!

I'm simply a fighter of dreams,
I'm simply a common individual,
Able to dream, able to give,
Kindness! Assist me with sorting out what more life needs to give.

I'm still totally alert, yet dreaming,
I'm actually dozing, yet trusting,
I'm doing, yet envisioning,
I'm composing yet accepting.

Nothing is simple, nothing is difficult if you are willing,
Nothing is steady, nothing is long-lasting in case you simply needed,
Nothing is normal, nothing is consistently similar consistently in case you disregard propensities,
Nothing can endure forever in case you won't permit it.


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