Achieving good results using low angle shots

2개월 전

I just came back from a walk with my dog and had fun exploring our neighborhood. So, while my dog is busy sniffing around then that's also the time for me to take some photos.

Most of the photos that I take are also inspired by the way my dog sniffs on the things on the ground. I usually angle my shots using the worm's eye view. It's surprising that some of the photos look oddly bizarre. I think that reason for it is that we humans don't really see this kind of view.

These shots were made possible using my phone. I can simply lay my phone on the ground and click on the shutter button. The focusing of mobile phones is very intuitive. It usually results in the subject having a clear focus.

Here are my shots for today, enjoy!


image_50459137 (1).JPG

image_50432257 (1).JPG



Have a great day!

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