Early morning dews

2개월 전

I started my day early and got my dog with me for a walk. The weather has been great in the past few weeks and so I'm taking advantage of it. We only have about 3-4 months before a change of season will take place. Afterward, it will become wet and rainy again.

Similar to what we experience here in the crypto world, there will be a season of abundance and a season of drought. Some people think that the best time to participate is the season of abundance, I think they are wrong. I believe that the best time to participate is through out the whole journey. Accumulating tokens is good but building your network of community should be your top priority.

The beauty of this platform is that we earn through our content. And every one is welcomed to participate. It won;t take long before the influx of new users will arrive to this platform. The competition for attention will become the biggest challenge for content creators. The early ones will benefit from the trust they acquired during their active participation early on. Don't waste your time pondering when will you start participating. Now, is the best time to start or restart your journey.



image_50420737 (1).JPG




Have a great day!

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