"Life; Simple Yet Complex"

2개월 전


Keeping everybody close
Could be troublesome yet soothing
A period expected to spend or to lose
Diving further into what you can see

Be straightforward about what your identity is, or question what your identity is
Trusting what's by all accounts, or accepting the implicit
Considerations are without a doubt normal, however, could impact you unseen
One day you could awaken, asking again in case you are to be sure conventional

No one but you can understand yourself
In case you're willing and in case you're not
In the event that you can or you can't
In case you're capable and not ready to

Continue to do what you're acceptable at
Continue to accept what you need to have faith in
Continue realizing what you're willing to know
Keep risks so solid in any event, appearing without a possibility

Life will consistently give you lemons
Life will consistently give you whole guarantees
Life will consistently give you unfulfilled beginnings
Be that as it may, life will consistently give you a greater amount of your life's reason for satisfaction.


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