"Misunderstood Trust"

2개월 전


Pay attention to the one who you genuinely trust
Depend on your own nature, not other's doubt
Be worth of your own judgment and joy
You are to be sure human, in your novel ways

With what I am currently, with what my beliefs like
With what I forfeited, and ready to forfeit more
With what I have now, and what I actually need
With where I am present, I'm a long way past what I envisioned

Be that as it may, I'm as yet here attempting to learn
However, I'm as yet here attempting to sort out
However, I'm as yet here attempting to keep my expectations up
Yet, who am I truly, yet am I still deserving I had always wanted?

Opportunity continues to thump me alive
I ought to be out there having a great time
I ought to feel the daily routine I'm aching to experience
I needed to stay aware of the existence I anticipated.


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