Photography & Life

2개월 전

It's awesome to have a chance to go outdoors and snap some interesting subjects today. It's nice weather and I hate to waste it. Feeling motivated by the weather, I set out to have a walk to a nearby nature park near us.


It's a great feeling to flex my legs and arms with my camera for a photo session. This kind of opportunity is rare nowadays. My busy schedule has been a challenge for me. Not to mention, the weather has been capricious lately. So, whenever the sun shines then that's the hint for me to get out and take some photos.

I wish I could do this every day. It's just that I swamped with a lot of workloads lately. It will be like this until December of this year. But if I do good for the net 6 months then I should be able to free myself from a tone of workload.


Have a great day!

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