"The Twist & Turns of Life"

2개월 전


Life is a ceaseless escape clause
It's an excursion brimming with turns and impasses
Each turn feels like another riddle for me to address
I trust that this is only a terrible dream

Nonetheless, where am I presently doesn't make any difference
It's a spot that I decided to be
I need to go to bat for my choices
The certainty that I really wanted is with me

A dreadful life
There are too many obstacles
There are so many things that I wanted to pursue
But there's very little time left

I have done too many wrong turns in life
Part of me wants to correct somehow
It's a delusion to go back in the past and fix it
The future is upon me and I have to focus my attention on it

Our life has different conditions that can't bear
Nonetheless, turn each second a shot at today's new beginning
You can never bring back the past that would have changed a lifetime
A lifetime without mourns yet overflowing with your made possible results.


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