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Hello friends, how are you? I hope you are all well and good, then I did not have the heart to live, but they took me by force. You can allow me to go. You will have a lot of fun on the day of Eid. A lot of people come there to roam. I didn't have the slightest bit to make a will, but I still went by name because they were very good friends of mine. We went there and talked a lot. It was fun to see the water there. The water is very cute. The picture of the water is also very moving. I also saw you. You have to tell me in your comments how did you like my post?

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As soon as you got here, I called my friends before I got out of it. I told them that we love them. They live with you. They study with me in my college. What fun have I done except what he said, I will get there, what blessings have I fulfilled, and when I got there, I called, he picked up the phone, I said it again, so I said, "Two friends." I am and all is well sir not given there will be there I was justified to be here at that time he closed his eyes on the day he said to sleep that not to take money from him will hurt his stomach I am very famous Given the opportunity to do for God I succeeded but he said I can show you



We were having a wedding at our house. They go there. Weddings and friends said that harassing the girl was not working in running the machine. Then they said that we would lose. He said that the fishermen who sit on one side of the river will do the same. He said, "No, man, I will go with you. You will not do this properly."It's always measured, but there are a lot of people in the audience. We both said that you can drink glass, but sir, how are you? It's yours and the fragrance is like making a bath there. We used to take pictures of people bathing in the water there. The masseurs were very lucky and we were very happy that people were drinking glass because our heart was not doing it.

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When we were there, when we were making our picture, the heat said that if you don't make everything a resource, even water, don't forget it. Hassan, where are you guys? Just do your job. Gandhan Wahhabi Nahar Mouth Even a small mosque from under the water Fragrance I bent under my own feet We said soon I will send a prince and a message in the group Yes, I did not want to see anything. I said, "No problem, my friend. Allah Almighty has no right to hit them with silver. I did not agree. Not only did I see. So i will tell you



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