Improving the cultivation of strawberries in Bangladesh

2개월 전

Most of the time, she ends up getting the imported ones, which cost Tk 1,500-2,500 a kg. In contrast, the local ones cost Tk 300-400 per kg in the retail market.
“I just wish the homegrown ones were available throughout the year. It’s usually the Thai ones that are available,” the 42-year-old bank employee added.
There is though no want of farmers for growing strawberry in Bangladesh, which is believed to have the ideal climate for its cultivation, thanks to the high price the fruit commands.




Six years ago, Mohammad lifelong farmer at Joypurhat, dived into strawberry farming, encouraged by the success his neighbours were having with the cultivation of the sweet, juicy fruit.
Many have become self-reliant, especially in Chapainawabganj, where 80 per cent of strawberry growers were found to be young farmers.
Farmers usually sell their produce to intermediaries at Tk 150

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