My 3D-tries with personage

3개월 전

For 2 weeks I had no any activity with my 3D-course: I had a job and have some commitments. And my girlfriend needs some my time too and, some times its happens, I got a little cold (with snots and аnd sore throat and headache), and this all don't help me to work hardly.
I started to do something only yesterday. For a Saturday I have made UV-map for my soldier (in 3D-Coat) and some textured it

I sure it's not very well UV. But it is my first experience

So I tried Instant Meshes:

I don't think it's work pretty well but this package is free for use

So I have got "the rag":

some red places.... But not so large

And have made normal map. And have painted it.


But there are a few mistakes and I don't know how to fix:

seams in Curvature map. Somewhere I smoothed it with a normal brush, somewhere - don't. I can't. And I think they shouldn't show up at all. Maybe I have to do more polypons.

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