WINNERS: 25 STEEM 💰 IN PRIZES || Your favorite mode of transport 🚌!! // GANADORES: 25 STEEM 💰 EN RECOMPENSA || ¡Tu medio de transporte favorito🚌!

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WINNERS: 25 STEEM 💰 IN PRIZES || Your favorite mode of transport 🚌!!

😊Thanks to all the participants, your entries have been great!! You are very creative and that's what #steemit needs!! Your poems have been great! Thanks for this engagement!

I'm going to get straight to the point so that I don't go around so many CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! Especially the winners. 😄


GANADORES: 25 STEEM 💰 EN RECOMPENSA || ¡Tu medio de transporte favorito🚌!

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😊Gracias a todos los participantes, sus entradas han sido geniales! ¡Gracias por este compromiso, son todos muy creativos y eso es lo que #steemit necesita! Sus poemas fueron geniales!!

Voy a ir directo al grano para no dar tantas vueltas. FELICITACIONES A TODOS! Especialmente a los ganadores.😄


Winners / Ganadores

@kashvibhagya: Link

@faheemking: Link

@sailawana: Link

@rupok: Link

@melquiades01: Link


Thank you very much for joining!! I will be publishing a new contest pretty soon !! // Muchas gracias por sumarse!! Pronto estaré publicando un nuevo concurso!!

Have a great day!! // Que tengan un gran día!!

Greetings, // Saludos,



Thank you!!

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Congratulations everyone.

Excelente publicaciones felicidades a los elegidos, saludos

as long as all the winners have been chosen. Keep doing the best for yourself my friend.


I'm happy to follow you who can make me better on steemit. I hope you see my activities. Sorry if there's anything wrong @belenguerra

Congratulations to the winners of the Mode of Transportation contest.. have a nice day my friend..

Wow i feel so happy to know this🤗😘. Thanks @belenguerra and congrats for all the winner.🤗👍

Felicitaciones a los ganadores excelentes artículos, nos vemos en un próximo concurso que dios los bendiga.

Muchas Felicidades a los Ganadores, excelente publicaciones

Congratulations to the winners

Congratulations to all winners.

felicidades a los ganadores!

Wow! Congratulations to all and thank you so much @belenguerra❤😊! I am so happy right now.

excelente actividad felicidades a los ganadores y exitos a todos

Mam @belenguerra thanks for selecting my post as one of the top post. You are very inspiring to all. Congratulations to all the winners.

There's this awesome joy each time we win. That smile is natural and amazing. Thanks @belenguerra for this contest and providing a source of joy and increase to many. Concentrations to the winners.
See you at the top