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Hey everyone, i am very pleased to be participating in this contest hosted by @bright-obias, @belenguerra, and @badsha1 . This post is all about the problems my country is facing, how it has affected me and some solutions to these problems.

There are so many problems that has been eating deep in to my dearest country Nigeria and those problems include unemployment, government policy, power supply, inadequate health facilities, insecurity, ineffective leadership, corruption etc just to mention a few. These factors have significantly contributed to the poor economic of Nigeria today

Nigeria is known to be the giant of Africa, where milk and honey flows. Nigeria has several mineral resources that is distributed in various states of the country. How ever, In this recent time, alot of bad problems has really affected the country and her citizens. I will be writing about these problem and then their solutions.

Lack of Interaction between the government and society.

  • This is one of the major problems that has lead to bad governance. The government does not foster an interaction with the private sector or the state civil society when it comes to managing the political, economic and social affairs. This has caused series of misunderstanding between the citizens and the government. The governments takes all the decisions and execute their actions with out seeking the opinion of the other arms of the government thereby leaving the people less attended to. The government tends to ignore the voice of the people and refuse to acknowledge what her citizens want.

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Crime and Terrorism.

  • These issues have brought a negative influence on the economic development of my country Nigeria. The crime in my country gives a lot of people sleepless night in the sense that people can no longer walk freely in the neighborhood due to the fear of unknown gun men or kidnappers. Public security is one aspect that my country has failed in, the people are not protected or even cared for. The terrorist attacks has also been on the high side lately, different violent attacks like bombing and other things that dont give the citizens of my country the feel of safety.

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  • Many of us are really disappointed with the increase and widespread of unemployment in my country. Due to the economic recession and situation in the country, the rate at which unemployment has increased is much and from the National Bureau of Statistics, it has been recorded that in 2019, it was 23.1% but as at 2020, it rose to 33.5% and will continue if the current economic situation is not reversed. Alot of students that have graduated from the higher institution get discouraged because of the high rate of joblessness, we end up not acquiring any useful skills because we are busy reading textbooks. We dont event get the chance to practice what we are studying and when we go out to seek for jobs, we are not hired because we dont have any experience, at the end, we stay in our parent's homes for a long period of time, hence leading to frustration and crime.

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Environment and Health Issues.

  • The health standard of my country is quite in a low condition, people suffer for the lack of drugs, good medical care and bad doctors with low eduction. Moreso, the corruption that happens in the health sector is alarming in the sense that, if you have no money, you wouldnt be given the proper treatment and this has lead to loss of many. The environment issue is also not left out, there are sabotage, pipe erosion and nonchalant attitude of oil companies. All that has lead to the increase in fuel price and Oil spills which has affected the soil's nutrients hence causing the farmers to stop farming. The people responsible for disposing rubbish dont come for them and this ends up causing the spread of diseases.

As a citizen of that country, have you been affected? tell us how the issues of your country have affected you

As a citizen of Nigeria, these problems have really affected me mentally, physically and otherwise. Due to the problem of insecurity in my country, i feel unsafe to even walk freely to places, there are no means of having fun with friends. We are been robbed in our houses and restricted from having events like parties.

Furthermore, the education problems have also affected me, most of the lecturers don't make effort to check our intellectual ability, they mount pressure on us with tough exams on a limited time. Lastly, the unemployment problem is frustrating, there are no good jobs out there, you end up working in a place that is not even related to what you have studied in school or even paid properly because there are no good job opportunities.

If you are given the opportunity to lead your country, what are the necessary changes you would make to relieve the problems of your country.

Being the leader of my country is not an easy task and all of these problems mentioned above will definitely take a long time to solve but if i were to be given the opportunity to solve these problems, i will start by listening to the people and knowing what they really want, i will foster an interaction and table their problems. I know that those problems are some of the issues i have talked about. I will take the interest of the people and work with them.

When i am able to showcase good leadership, the education sector is next, the teachers will have some international training on how to coach the younger ones, the schools will have a training center where students can practice what they have been studying and not just read books.

Lastly the security of the country will be handled also. Most of the crimes that are going on in the country are caused by unemployed and frustrated youth, so if more industries and manufacturing companies are built, there will be jobs for graduates thereby putting an end to the crime and terrorism in the country. Nigeria is a great country filled with great and talented minds, we only need the opportunity to use those talents and the country will be better.

Thanks for reading.

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Well written @kinkyamiee! You have given a well detailed note on this topic. I so much appreciate your input. Thank you!


You are welcome sir, thanks for organizing this contest.