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Hi everyone, I made this post to enter @badsha1 contest about natural resources. I'm from Indonesia but I will explain about the natural resources of the province of Central Java where I live.

Central Java Region map
Central Java is located in the middle of java island (well ofcourse). Like the rest of Indonesia region it is rich in natural resources both renewable and non renewable ones. First i will explain about renewable natural resources in this region.

Renewable resources


Central Java is an area that has many active mountains. Frequent volcanic eruptions make the soil around the volcano rich in minerals and create excellent soil for cultivation. Agricultural land and plantations are commonly seen in this area, various plants are grown en masse ranging from rice, corn, tea, coffee, sugar cane, and many more. In 2019, Central Java became the largest rice producer nationally, with a rice harvest of more than 5.5 million tons.
Some plantations such as tea and coffee plantations are also used as tourist attractions, because they are located in the highlands with beautiful views. So that local people get additional income apart from being farmers, because they also provide various kinds of services in the tourist area.

Kebun Teh - panoramio

Kaligua tea plantation in Brebes Regency, one hour from my house


Even though it is not as wide as Borneo forest, this province still has quite large forests, which is around 629,000 ha. Half of this is protected forest and conservation areas, protected by the government. The other half is production forest with a good amount of monoculture forest such as teak and pine. This monoculture forest produces materials needed for various types of industry, for example pine trees that produce resin and turpentine. Rosin (pine resin) is an ingredient for printing inks, soaps, glues, varnishes while turpentine is used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Wood and its processed goods are Central Java's biggest exports as of 2019. Jepara Regency is very famous for its wood crafts.

relief jepara

is this Last Supper?


The location of Central Java, which is between the Java Sea and the Indian Ocean, also near the coral triangle, gives this area a lot of marine resources, such as fish. In 2019 fish production using the capture method produced 253,000 tons of marine fish, most of which are types of tuna. Pati and Rembang Regency are the main producers of marine fish in this region.

Non-renewable resources

Now we will talk about non-renewable natural resources in this region.

Iron sand is available along the south coast, especially in Cilacap Regency. Antam, a large mining company, used to mine here, producing 300,000 tonnes per year. However, these activities were stopped in 2003 due to low reserves and they left the area in 2004 after carrying out reclamation by planting coconut trees.

cepu block

Cepu block

There is also petroleum in this province. Blora Regency together with Bojonegoro and Tuban Regency (East Java) are included in the Cepu block, a petroleum contract area currently managed by ExxonMobil, Pertamina and other local companies. The first well built in 1893 by the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company (now Shell), it has proven reserves of 2.4 billion barrels and currently produces 225,000 barrels of petroleum per day.

Other resources also exist such as gold, coal, sulfur, quartz, phosphorus, limestone. There is a large karst area called the North Kendeng Mountains which are located in several districts along the northeast of Central Java. Despite being a large source of limestone, mining in the mountains will cause controversy because the mountains have many sources of water used by nearby settlements. Locals are worried that mining operations conducted by cement company in the area could cause water sources to disappear.

Thanks to anyone who read my submission and also to @badsha1, @belenguerra, @bright-obidas, and @worldgeography for creating this contest.

Also to:
* Google and various news website for many facts
* BPS Jateng for many numbers
* @naufal for text-justify
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