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Hello, guys! Geographers!
Wherever you are I hope you're all okay.
It's my pleasure to introduce myself here with all of you, I recently found this community and I was captivated by the main idea of this project. Truth to me is an interesting idea because as humans we tend to be observers, in fact the observation and exploration of inherent qualities that lead us to discover what is around us. Now I share with you a little.


My name is mustafa @mustafahabbli.
I was the first of my three brothers from the southern suburbs of aceh Indonesia. I am 38
I am also an elementary school student and love farming.
And let me tell you that it was one of the best experiences I have had since between visiting and taking sample sensation in contact with nature, the biodiversity has completely changed the way you look at life.
Here I'll show you some places I've been.



What do you like about # steamers?
Steemit was a social media platform that I had recently met but had brought many positive effects to all also teaching me to work, share with friends at home and abroad and meet more people at the same time so that we could share knowledge, exchange information and produce something useful to all, especially in steemit also find colorful worlds from different perspectives and their nature and their countries with them.





I also learned about tribal, domestic and foreign cultures, including racial circumstances of a nation, color and circumstances of the nature and knowledge of other nations, I think it's a platform that's useful to everyone.


Why do you like the steem geography community?
Because they can find new things on different sides of life, nature, culture, perspectives on how to live in climate in different areas both foreign and domestic and the sites that they distribute in steemitgeography.
What do you like about # steamers?
It is a social media platform that has directly benefited its users, primarily for delivering ideas in all aspects of the infinite, highly beneficial, even now being used to help others, that is able to interact with many people around the world.

That is all I can say to this introduction post, may it benefit all of us and continue to do good to all of us.
Thanks to @belenguerra as I do admin in the geography steem community that has given me and everyone in the world a chance.
Also thanks to @worldgeography @badshar1 as the mod moderator at the geography station
Photo taken, vivo y12
Location: aceh
App editors: picart and snapseed
Thanks for the attention, I'm happy to join the steemgeography community because we share everything special about nature in my village, my district, etc.
Thank you all..

@ mustafahabbli

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